Revenge for Hire

Connect to our exclusive network of experts. Anonymous and Confidential

Membership Details

What do I get?

Members can communicate anonymously and securely with our exclusive network of revenge experts. Through confidential communication, members will be able to get revenge ideas, expert advice, and maybe even someone to do their dirty work.

How much does it cost?

There is an annual membership fee of $50 USD, and you can cancel at any time. Services you procure by using our network are at your own discretion and any agreements made are between you and that person. See our terms for more information.

How can I trust you sleazeballs with my credit card and personal information?

That's simple, you don't have to. All of our payments are handled by Stripe, the industry leader. No credit cards or other identifying information is ever stored on our servers.

Will you ruin someone's life for me?

There is a very good chance that you may or may not find someone on our network who will be happy to ruin someone's life for you. We have nothing to do with that, however, Revenge for Hire only provides the network and the layer of anonymity.

Can anything be traced back to me?

Our network communications are secured using industry standard software and techniques, and all of your identifying information is removed before your message is delivered to the network. The only way your real name and contact information will make it through to the network is if you choose to include it in the body of your message.

Is the IP address of my computer or device recorded?

No, IP addresses are part of the identifying information which we strip out. For all intensive purposes, messages relayed through our network bear the IP address of our network only.

Is there a free trial, or money back guarantee?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! You are paying to access a private, secure, confidential network of revenge experts. Once you're in, you're in. If you want to discuss your problems with them, you will have to pay the fee. No negotiations, no exceptions.

Are there any rules of conduct within the network?

FUCK NO. Let's be clear. The people that you may or may not meet through our network are most likely not very nice people. You will not find your Sunday School teacher on our network—at least I don't think so. You will most likely find people who are angry, hurt, and searching for vengeance, or the type of people who profit in other's misery. I would be nice anyways, as there are people involved that I would not want to piss off. Possibly. I can't really say for sure due to confidentiality.