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Are you frustrated?

Feeling alone?

Is no one listening to you
and your vindictive ideas?

We will!

Hey! Stop what you're doing now and listen up.
We'll do all that shit for you... no really we will!

We can start the war you've always wanted
but don't want anyone to know you did.

Time for payback!

Don't be shy and get that last word in,
hire the "Revenge for Hire" posse.

get even!

We'll do all that pent up crap you can't
cause your image will get exploited if you do.

Now when the shit hits the fan be aware,
it will probably come back to you, but rest assured...

You never said a thing so turn
that gunfire into a full on war!

No, we won't kill, rape, kidnap or take nude photos of anyone fucking a dog (unless you have some) but we'll be sure those things you have to let out get out and you can sit back and be satisfied knowing the asshole that has always irritated you finally got what they deserved.


All actions and ideas of actions acted out by the
"Revenge for Hire" posse were not those of any members
directly involved and are the sole responsibility of parties involved.

It's too bad that you will never know those parties though because
we are about revenge motherfuckers and nothing more so anyone
and everyone's involvement will always remain private.

Guess you
shouldn't have
been such a